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Truly Sublime

Make a Memorable Day in Yakutat Alaska on Some of The World’s Finest Freshwater Fisheries for Steelhead, King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon and Pink Salmon.

World Class

Time together with friends and family cannot be better spent than in Yakutat during the Salmon runs!


Isolated yet accessible, waterways that defy the imagination…

Yakutat Glacier Inn-250

Yakutat Glacier Inn

The perfect Alaska Experience in the quiet town of Yakutat. Our private vacation home comfortably sleeps 4 guests and features amenities including a full kitchen, satellite internet and TV…

Yakutat Glacier Inn-250

Leo’s Vehicles Rentals

A solid fleet of larger SUV, mainly Suburbans, to safely service your trips around beautiful Yakutat. Convenient to Yakutat Airport…

Yakutat Glacier Inn-250

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May: Steelhead
June & July: Kings/Reds
Aug-Oct: Silvers 

Yakutat is an Experience Unlike Any Other Alaska Destination

Your visit to famed Yakutat is sure to be memorable. The moment you arrive at the airport you enter a world that time has preserved. The small coastal fishing community of Yakutat boasts a friendly-yet-direct atmosphere where men are men and the fish are afraid!


It’s a delightful small town bustling with shop owners, artisans, temporary cannery workers, local native American community, and “the locals” who guide the rest of us around the amazing experiences that are Yakutat.


Work directly with Tracy & Leo Tejeda to Experience the beauty of Yakutat Bay and even arrange a tour of the nearby Hubbard glacier. You may also rent fishing boats for the Yakutat Bay to find halibut and cod, or driftboats to access the world famous Situk River for storied trout and salmon species. Elect to spend a night in our “fishing lodge” which is actually our private vacation rental home.


Thera a number of fantastic rivers to fish in Yakutat most notably including the Situk famed for its Steelhead, Sockeye and Silver runs. World-class Steelhead fishing begins in May, followed by July for Kings and Sockeye, and August through September and sometimes into October for Silvers.


Leo and Tracy can also assist you with fishing boat rental in Yakutat a bay boat for fishing in the Yakutat bay for salmon and halibut can be other-worldly, doesn’t require a guide, and usually boasts a larger limit, such as 6 salmon rather than only 2 per day on the rivers.


They can also recommend many accomplished charter guides for Salmon, cod, and halibut fishing. Each guide is normally very professional, knowledgeable of the local waters, areas, flora and fauna, and is sure to make your experience memorable.


Leo and Tracy are super friendly and absolute specialists at renting vehicles in Yakutat, boasting a large fleet of suburbans, pickups and SUV’s you are sure to find a great vehicle for your adventures.


Feel free to reach out to them anytime with questions and to request more info on your next Alaskan adventure.